Fondazione Zeri publishes catalog in Linked Open Data

June 26, 2016
Fondazione Zeri publishes catalog in Linked Open Data

The Zeri Foundation’s LOD project  (Zeri & LODE) is now complete. An RDF dataset which includes a considerable subset of data, already available at the website of the Zeri Foundation and partially discoverable through the Europeana Portal.

 About 19,000 works of art and more than 31,000 photographs, together with information about artists, photographers, bibliography and related documentation, are there described by means of some 10 million RDF triples. Moreover, data are linked to other Link Open Datasets, e.g. AAT, ULAN, VIAF, DBpedia, Wikidata, and GeoNames.

Such data concerns photos of 16th century artworks, i.e. the same subset provided to John Resig and now part of the PHAROS Image Database. 

The RDF Zeri Catalog is the result of the efforts made to provide a comprehensive mapping of our data to international standards, first of all to the CIDOC-CRM model. Whenever a straightforward mapping was not possible, terms from other ontologies have been reused, e.g. the SPAR Ontologies, for describing documentation used during the cataloging process and to provide a FRBR model compliant description of both photographs and artworks; the HiCO Ontology, for defining provenance of questionable metadata, e.g. a cataloger's interpretation. Two ad hoc ontologies (which import the above mentioned) have been created in order to provide terms lacking in CIDOC-CRM and to reach a comprehensive representation of Italian content standards Scheda OA (data concerning artworks) and Scheda F (data concerning photos).

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